Estate & Wellbeing Planning

Wills, trusts and powers of attorneys

It is simply not true that only the super-rich or high net worth individuals need to plan their estate.

In reality, almost everyone has an estate of some form and without proper estate planning (a Will or Trust), your wishes may not be understood clearly (or at all) and the passing of assets (your ‘estate’) may not be done in a tax-efficient way or in line with your own desires.

Estate planning is often put off because people consider themselves ‘too young’, ‘too busy’ or ‘not suitably wealthy’ – the reality is that no matter what stage in life you are at, you should ensure your wishes are understood, that your family is looked after and that your assets protected.

We can also help with loss of capacity (your ability to make decisions for yourself) through the use of Powers of Attorney, meaning that loved ones aren’t left to struggle should you be unable to look after your own interests and wellbeing anymore.

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