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Executory administration & executor support

The death of a family member or friend can be an emotional and traumatic experience, and it is often difficult to deal with the formalities of executory administration (sometimes referred to as ‘dealing with someone’s affairs’ or ‘winding up an estate’) when also dealing with grief and loss.

At Esson & Aberdein, our team of experienced lawyers and paralegals works with Executors and families, with the aim of making the process of executory administration as straightforward and efficient as possible.

How we can help

The executor of a Will is responsible for administering the Will as directed, and therefore the role comes with a number of duties and legal liabilities.

Esson & Aberdein’s specialist Executry Administration and Executor Support team will make dealing with the deceased’s affairs as efficient as possible.

Not all estates are straightforward to administer. Where matters become contentious, our Dispute Resolution Team can assist with the resolution of disputes. Where beneficiaries under a will chose to use a Deed of Variation to make alterations to the distribution of assets in the estate – often in order to help with tax planning, asset protection or to redress any imbalances to the original will – our lawyers can help with the legal process.

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